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Your Menu is hosted FREE and you can receive orders directly via messenger chat

  • No commission and No fees.  It is FREE to use.

  • Fully functional online order-taking

  • Use WhatsApp messenger to take orders

  • You will get a unique URL for your restaurant


How Our Online Ordering Works


Select the dishes and add quantity

Using your online menu, customers can select the dishes and quantity.

Finalize the order and add contact details

This is the checkout view where we will show the list of order and estimated prices.
The customer also input the delivery details here so it will be easier to estimate the delivery cost

Receive and confirm orders using WhatsApp

The customer's order will automatically sent to your whatsapp alongside with the customer details for delivery estimation.​
This also can be used to talk to the customer directly if there are some changes or price adjustment

Get Online Today


Check out Brian's Burger Shop that was setup in a matter of hours


Free Version

  • Digitized online menu for delivery or pickup orders

  • Unique website address for your restaurant

  • Order taking system that connects to your shop's WhatsApp messenger

After Signing Up

  • A member of our team will contact you if  we need more information to create your menu

  • Once everything is ready, you will receive a unique URL link to your online menu

  • You will receive a daily report via email on the order details and activities on your online menu

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As a Singapore based start-up, we want to help our local community by offering our capabilities to our neighborhood establishments.